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  National Professional Pet Sitters Week is usually the first week in March.

The week is set aside as National Professional Pet Sitters Week to honor the professionals who care for furry family members when you’re away. We believe they should be honored every day, as they are the ones making your babies miss you less while you are gone.

Let Your Pet Sitters Know how much you appreciate them!

•  National Pet Month is May.

Leslie Gorrell - Owner, Affectionate Pet Sitters & Profess. Pet Sitter
Leslie Gorrell  
Full Time Pet Sitter

Its Me, basically, and only me!

My husband is my some times, and biggest help, but he no longer sits with me as much since he has his own jobs.

Doug - Back Up Pet Sitter
Doug with Roxie. 

Doug with Dinké and Dieter

Emma and Anna on a headless Doug (Ha).

Pet Sitters 

Leslie (with "unofficial crew": her niece Katie and Mom, Jan) at Paws on the Pavement.

Diamond laying on Leslie during a thunderstorm.

Leslie with Taco kitten while nursing her back to health.