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Why Choose a Pet Sitter?

Are you trying to decide why you should choose a pet sitter over a kennel or vet’s office to care for your beloved furry family member while you are on vacation, need to tend to family business, going in the hospital for a few days, or needing to take a business trip?

It's simple. You love your pet and want to provide him or her with the best care possible, in the environment s/he is comfortable and feels safe in, and with the schedule s/he is used to.

      “Choosing the right pet sitter can be equally as challenging as selecting a babysitter for your child,” says John D’Ariano, president of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. “The person you choose should be trained and professional.”

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter?

Using a professional pet sitter reaps benefits for both pets and their owners. Once you've experienced professional pet care in your home, you'll never worry about your pets again!

For the Pet

Benefits to Your Pet Include:

  • Staying at home in his or her safe, secure environment.
  • Being surrounded by familiar sights, smells, and sounds.
  • Following his or her regular diet and basic routine. (This includes cooking/feeding specialized diets like home-cooked or raw diets, etc.)
  • Having personalized play time and positive reinforcement.
  • Receiving love and personal attention.
  • Maintaining medical treatment, when required.
  • Having someone responsible in case of an emergency.
  • Eliminating the trauma of travel or an unfamiliar environment.
  • Ensuring good health (no exposure to other animals' illnesses or parasites, or possible bad encounters with any animals that are not socialized, or being seen by a variety of unknown humans, who may or may not know about, or follow, his or her special needs).

For the Owner

Benefits to You Include:

  •  Knowing that your pet is in caring, loving and experienced hands.
  • Having the confidence that your pet sitter can handle multiple issues - such as basic home care, pet care, vet visits, and grooming appointments, and including pet OR home emergencies.
  • Eliminating the possible trauma of having to transport your pet(s) and possibly needing to medicate them to get them to a facility for their stay while you are gone AND leaving your pet with the possibility of having to medicate them while they are there to keep them calm.
  • Eliminating having to have the proper extra vaccinations (such as to prevent kennel cough - dogs and cats) for your pet just to be able to stay at a boarding /kennel facility. Excess and unnecessary vaccinations cause immense medical issues with our pets, such as Cushings, Diabetes, skin issues, injection site reactions, Cancer, etc.
  • Not having to impose on neighbors, family, friends, or the kid down the street (who is only there to feed and play with your pet). Not worrying whether or not these people will remember to come take care of your pet(s).
  • Receiving updates about your pet(s) by text, e-mail or phone.

Why You Chose

Affectionate Pet Sitters ...

Are you trying to decide why you should choose one pet sitter over another? It's no secret. All Professional Pet Sitters have many of the main things in common ... they KNOW HOW to care for your pets and they are COMMITTED to caring for your pets. Most Professional Pet Sitters are also Insured and Bonded.

Some pet sitters are trained in one regard or another in pet health care ranging from being Certified in Pet First Aid, being a Vet Tech, or having a background that lends them to knowing how to care for an injured or sick pet, and then there's experience. Depending on your pet's needs, you may need to choose someone who is qualified in one or more of these areas.

All pet sitters follow a schedule in caring for the pets on their roster for that day/week. All sitters know that when they start their day, aside from a basic routine, they never really know what their day will hold, and therefore have to be flexible.

Beyond that, it's a matter of how you, your pets and the pet sitter "fits."

You would have chosen Affectionate Pet Sitters because we have had a successful pet-sitting business since 2008. We were fortunate to have experience with all ages and many breeds of dogs, cats, birds and many other kinds of pets; older pets; and pets with medical needs. [As an aside, I am also an extremely knowledgeable about Schnauzers ... they are my heart pup!]

We have been blessed to know (and have known) so many wonderful families who have allowed us to share in their precious pets' lives. We are truly richer as humans, to be able to do our "job" and get love in return!

“Pet-sitting was my full-time and only job.

I was fully invested in taking care of your pets.

There are only a few things more rewarding than being greeted

by someone else's pets the same way mine greet me

when I walk through the door. That's how I know I have

made an impact on their lives.”

~ Leslie Gorrell

Owner and Professional Pet Sitter,

Affectionate Pet Sitters

 Affectionate Pet Sitters is a Smoke-Free Organization.

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