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About Affectionate Pet Sitters

Was Affectionately Sitting Pets in parts of

North Little Rock, Little Rock, Sherwood and Maumelle only.

We are/were based in North Little Rock, but served in the locations listed above.

We operated on the belief that our clients’ and their pets’ needs are of the utmost importance and we were committed to meeting those needs. Each animal has his/her own personality and we respect them for who they are!

We choose this business because we love to spend time with animals. We are not in business to toss down a bowl of water and plate of food, let your pet out to take a quick potty break and be on our way! We enjoy our “job” because we spend quality time with each and every animal! If you want your pet to have a good relationship with someone who cares for them (and BELIEVE ME, You DO), that is why you considered us, and booked us for quality time with them (meaning time enough to engage your pet for mental stimulation and emotional support in addition to the "chores" part of taking care of them).

Affectionate Pet Sitters welcomed the opportunity to earn your trust and delivered you the best service in the industry.

We sat for our first official client as a business in January 2008, though we had sat with many, many pets since we moved back to Arkansas in 1992 (and the years we lived in Arkansas before my husband and I got married). Since then, we have met many wonderful people (and pets!) who share our same beliefs and love for our animal companions.

If you were looking for a “cheap” sitting services only, you'd have come to the wrong place. If you want quality, caring, professional, trained individuals who treat your animals with love and respect, then read on. We would have loved to meet you and your precious companions, buy alas, that door is closed ... at least for the current future.

Phone Hours:


We practiced safe driving by not texting or returning phone calls while driving. Your pet might be in the car with us if we are transporting him or her to the groomer or a play date. Additionally, we focused all our attention on you and your pet’s needs when we talked.

Base Pet Sitting Hours Are NO LONGER:

but were: Sun – Sat: approx. 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

including holidays (which book up fast, so plan ahead with you rnew pet sitter!).

Overnight Hours were from between 7:00 and 9:00 pm and lasted generally 8 to 12 hours, until between 7:00 and 9:00 am.

This time included all the basics, plus the added security of us being at your home while you are away. For more information see Overnights. We only sat overnights in non-smoking households with no kitties in the guest bedroom. 

Our Service Area Included:

Travel outside a 10-mile radius from the intersection of McCain and North Hills Blvds., and mileage rates apply...which now can be relative to the price at the pump.

To be more specific on our Service Area, these were our general boundaries: 

  • North Boundary: South of Gravel Ridge (roughly to the immediate neighborhoods North of the Brockington/Hwy107 Loop)
  • South Boundary: North of I-630
  • East Boundary: I-40 and 67/167 and I-30.
  • West Boundary 1: East of Hwy 365 at Maumelle /Morgan and all of Maumelle; down Hwy 365/MacArthur Blvd
  • West Boundary 2: A roughly drawn line from around Sam Peck to Gamble Road off Chenal Parkway; includes Walton Heights. And then East of I-430.

Service Area Note: Our   “Home Base”

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At this time we are not traveling outside of about a 10-miles radius from our home base. Long travel times cut down on the quality time we can spend with your pets. In our book, that’s not fair to the animals.

If you live beyond this distance and we can accommodate you in our schedule, a travel time charge will be added to your services.


The current APS charged LOW for mileage - a rate of $0.45/mile (since April 2012). This rate was subject to change without notice dependent on gas prices.

NOW (2022) would be an example of gas prices affecting travel to your location and how much I have to charge just for vehicle up keep and getting to your babies.


To figure your approximate mileage:

Enter “McCain Blvd. and North Hills Blvd., North Little Rock, AR 72116”

in the destination of your map will find that intersection. Then “get directions” with your address.

We used Google maps when finding mileage between locations. Internet mapping services are not always accurate or up-to-date, so an actual odometer reading, when I went for a Meet and Greet, it determined the final distance.

Meow! for APS!

Affectionate Pet Sitters was

a Non-Smoking Organization.

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