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• Our Extended Furry Family •

Leslie and Doug’s Furry Family...

Grey Kitty

She was a feral cat that was born under our house. With a lot of patience and TLC, she has become very domesticated, but still with a wild side.Although she HAS mellowed with age!

Once, she would rather play and be petted than eat. Not now — everything is equal —eat, sleep, play, watch birds, play with Bella and/or Bree, sleep, repeat.

We miss these four!

Roxie— Our sweet little girl passed away in September 2007. She talked to us like a human and had conversations with us all the time. She alerted us to a car break-in the second night she was with us — at six-weeks! She had six beautiful babies! We kept two of the boys! We miss you Roxanna!


One of Roxie's six pups. He was such a happy, happy boy! He was so very special, adapting very well to being blind from cataracts. He liked to play dress-up!And loved toys that "sang" so he could hear them to find them. He always had a smile! Even through the two kinds of cancer he got that eventually would take him from us on October 19, 2011. He also loved oranges and other fruits.

Romeo—Another one of Roxie's pups. He could have been a show dog he was so handsome! He and Roxie were inseparable. He loved to stand guard over his domain and play "Where’s Romeo.“ Romeo and Remmy became good buds the last several years of their lives. Unfortunately he had mast cell tumors, which called for him to go to Roxie on Memorial Day, 2011. It was so quiet after he left.


The pups’ Dad. He took on our previous dog (also a miniature Schnauzer) Garfy’s place of being Daddy’s boy. He was always by our side and couldn’t wait to go to the studio with Daddy! He loved to watch TV! When Romeo passed, Remmy never left the bed in the front room where we let Romeo go to heaven. He would only go outside, eat and sleep or lay in that bed.. It took him a long time to be a little happy again. He had kidney problems, but made it to 14 in July 2011, but when Tipper started getting worse after the second cancer showed up, I think Remmy didn't want to be the only one left. I was sure counting on him to be around for a while! But he joined Roxie and Romeo along with Tipper on October 19th.

Losing one is hard enough, but two on the same day ... and the three in five months ...our hearts were truly lost and heavy with loss and loneliness.

We were immensely Blessed!

Thank God we will be with them again one day.

~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~


Affectionate Pet Sitters is a Non-Smoking Organization.

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