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Specific Information About What We Did!

Our Services, Policies and Procedures

to Answer Your FAQs

Affectionate Pet Sitters (APS) provided loving, at home pet care while owners were away. Whether you went on a vacation, a business trip, had a few days in the hospital or were in town to visit - staying at a hotel) or needed a midday visit to walk, feed, cuddle, or medicate your pet, Affectionate Pet Sitters was there when you couldn’t.

Before you considered booking service with Affectionate Pet Sitters, you woud have read this information so that we would have been "on the same page" in regards to caring for your pets.

This information should have answered most of your questions, told you about our rates, and indicated if we were the right care-giver for your non-human family members. We sat pets in smoke-free homes only. (If you smoke outside and your home doesn’t smell like smoke, we were most likely good.)

IF you were a potential New Client, in addition to reading this page, you would have filled out the form on First Contact to APS page (no longer available since we are no longer sitting), so we could just get started.


Reservations: It is best to plan as far in advance as possible in order to obtain services on the dates you desire.

Additionally, you will want to meet "Your Sitter" (and back up sitter if provided)", call references, and get all the information you need before making an informed decision about hiring a pet sitter.

While we can tentatively pencil in your dates for service, we must meet you and your pet(s) in your home, and find out about your pets' routine with you to assess your needs before we make a commitment to providing your pet’s care.

NOTE! Unfortunately I am having to step back from pet sitting and am currently NOT doing ANY pet sits at this time. This became effective end of May 2022.

During OUR initial Welcome/“Meet ‘n Greet”/Get Acquainted Meeting we would review our policies and forms, then leave them for you to read completely, fill out and sign. We would also ask questions regarding your needs for your pet(s) and get the basic “lay of the land.” We would return for a second shorter Follow-Up Meeting, to pick up the paperwork, two sets of keys, a deposit and visit with your pet(s) once again, which aids in our bonding (this is especially important for reclusive pets, and cats). You must have all of the forms completed for this return visit.

Ideally we would like to meet for the first time a minimum of a couple of weeks before you plan on leaving town, with a follow-up meeting approximately a week before you leave. This time frame gives us both plenty of time to prepare for your pets ultimate care.

Setting up an Get Acquainted Meeting is required before we can sit for your pet. We need to meet you and your pet to see how you take care of him or her, to see how s/he reacts to others in his/her environment, to learn the basic schedule, to check the safety of your home, yard and the gates, to see how your security system and other elements work in your home, etc. and ultimately, if we are a good fit. There is no charge for this initial meeting if you are within 15 miles of our home base (See Service Area). This first meeting usually lasts at least 45 minutes to an hour. Make time in your schedule for this amount of time.

Even In the event that this is last minute scheduling all the forms and information still must be filled out for us to provide service for you. 

If you are a new client with a last minute need, please allow adequate time to fill out and sign all forms completely (about an hour to an hour and a half) and for us to spend at least an hour with you and your pets. A $10- to $20- Last Minute Fee applies for all last-minute services (within 24- to 48-hours of our first visit).

If you move or add a pet to your household, we will need to have a Get RE-Acquainted Meeting which requires a $10- fee. You will want us to meet your new pet and we will want to see how your new pet fits into your family, reacts to us, and just get to know them! As well, we will 

also need to see your new digs and how your pets have acclimated to their new home; see new hiding spots, new routines, check out the area, get new sets of keys, etc. And of course we will need new paperwork filled out on this new family member (or new address, security system, etc.). A new mileage rate will possibly need to be calculated, as well.

Confirmation of services 

is secured with a down payment (half the total fee — plus a holiday fee if applicable) within 10 days of the first service date, with the remainder of the fee due on the first day of service for sits lasting longer than 5 days. Otherwise payment is due in full on the first service date.

The second part of Confirming Our Sits for Your Pet(s), you must let us know when you leave town by text or phone call. This confirmation ensures we are both on the same page - that we know you have officially handed over the care of your pets to us.

Scheduling & Visit Times: Scheduling is on a “first come, first serve” basis and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. APS will visit your pet at the requested time(s) as closely as possible, but “morning” for example, is a time frame, such as between 9:00a to 11:00a or 10:00a to 12:00p. If we are caring for multiple clients or if an unforeseen situation arises, the times may be shifted a little to accommodate ALL our clients.

Note: All pets on timed and life-sustaining medications (such as heart or seizure medicine, or insulin) will have first priority to meet their required medical timed specifications/needs.

Emergencies/Last Minute Scheduling:

Everyone has them! Please call if an unexpected need arises! While we will make every attempt to accommodate your needs, availability on short notice is dependent on our current schedule. We will do our best to get you on your way without worrying about your pets! A $10- to $20- last-minute fee may apply, and if we have to go back to the vault for your keys, another $10- fee will apply to fetch your keys.

Choose the Visit(s) that Best Fits Your Pet’s Needs:

Note: We adhere to a specific code of ethics and visit guidelines to ensure the health and safety of your pet(s). We will not, for any reason, schedule a dog for any less than 2-a-Day visits for vacationers (mid-day potty break visits or a single visit because you are leaving or coming home on the other end of that day don't fall under that category*). Dogs in crates will require three visits a day, not only to potty, but for the exercise and pent up energy and possible anxiety. Cats require a visit a minimum of once a day.

Additionally, we reserve the right to add extra visits as necessary if we find that a limited number of visits is not enough for your pet (for instance, instead of once a day, coming twice a day for your cat OR three times a day for your dog, instead of twice, during the heat or cold of the year or for excessive indoor urination, or other health reasons).

Scheduled Services – Our services are variable. Whether you need a one or two day visit or if you’re going on vacation or a business trip for the weekend, a week or longer, we are ready to take care of your pet and your home. Your visits are scheduled using 1-a-Day, 2-a-Day, 3- or 4-a-Day visits system or overnight visits. We must have keys and a signed contract and other paperwork on file for any type of visit. 

All visit rates are for one to three pets; (these rates went into effect in 2022).

See Additional Pets, below, for those rates.

1 to 2 Visits a Day – The minimum number of daily visits for cats, rabbits, birds, fish, hamsters and other small caged pets is one per day. *This is also for an evening visit when you leave the same day, or a morning visit if you will be coming home later that day. Rates No Longer Apply.

About 2 visits a Day

The minimum number of daily visits for dogs and available for all pets. Visits take place approximately 12-hours apart, between 8am–12pm and 6pm–10pm. While we are there we do let them out more than once to do their business. IMPORTANT: If your pet cannot hold it's bladder for 12-hours, you need to schedule 3 visits a day.

3-or 4-a-Day Visits – Available for all pets. Visits take place approximately 3-1/2 to 4-1/2-hours apart, between 9am and 9pm. These visits are available for any pets, suggested for dogs that do not have outside access during the day and cannot hold their bladder for 12 hours, and especially for pets with special needs or pets who are sick/just home from surgery, on a medical treatment that requires more attention, etc. Rates No Longer Apply.

“Midnight” Visits – (between 10pm and 12am) are available; this visit is the single visit rate with an additional late night charge started at $10-.

Additional Pet Fees – There was an additional pet fee after the third pet.

$1- for each additional small pet (below 20 lbs),

$3- for each additional large pet (50 lbs to 69 lbs)

$5- for each additional XX-large pet (100 lbs and over)

Duration of visits: All basic visits were 30 minutes. Every attempt was always be made to give your pet the care and attention required in the allotted time.

Depending on each pet’s needs, additional services requested and unforeseen incidents (such as your pet not wanting to come in or go out or taking a long time to potty, and needing extra time for medicines or feeding for whatever reason, your pet(s) may need extra time. Some pets just require more playtime or cuddling time in addition to regular care. Therefore, we also offer, and many times require, 45-minute visits.

However, if the number of your pets and chores required to take care of them exceeds 30- or 45-minutes, expect to be charged additional fees to complete all the necessary “must dos” and still give them the love, attention and human companionship they deserve. Or just plan on making it 45-min. or an hour-long visit ($28-). We feel you cannot adequately give individual attention to a multitude of pets in a short amount of time - that's what they deserve and why we do what we do!

The Holidays 

Understand that pet sitting services and kennels receive more requests for reservations than they can handle during these holiday time periods and we may have turned away other clients because we have reserved time for you during a busy season. If we are full, we will put you on a waiting list or try to help you find other accommodations (knock wood, we haven't had to do this to date).

**There is an additional, non-refundable holiday charge on these holidays as a tip for the sitters who are working their holiday. Feel free to include a little something extra if you wish.

In many instances of observed holidays, we charge our fee for the eve of the holiday, the day of and if it is applicable, through the weekend, as these are the busiest pet sitting days of the year and book up fast.

Remember, all scheduled sits are on a First Booked First Service basis, and are only guaranteed with a deposit.


• New Year — Eve and Day; Dec. 31 and Jan. 1

• Memorial Day Weekend (Fri. through Mon.)
• Fourth of July - For sure July 4th, however, if it falls anywhere on the weekend,

weekend days are included -
(Fri. through Mon.)

• Labor Day Weekend (Fri. Through Mon.)

• Thanksgiving Holiday (Wed. through Sun.)

• Christmas Holiday (For sure Dec. 24th and Dec. 25th) —

however, if it falls anywhere on the weekend, weekend days are included - (Fri. through Mon.)

Read about holiday cancellations in our Services, Policies and Procedures literature in our Get Acquainted packet.

Unforeseen Purchases: There will be a shopping charge, as well as reimbursement for travel & mileage, if we have to restock depleted supplies. It is the owner’s responsibility to provide more than adequate amounts of food, litter, treats, medications, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and other items needed, that contribute to the health and well being for the complete care of their pet(s). We will retain a receipt and you will be responsible for reimbursement of these items. We will leave an invoice for the outstanding amount.

Referral Program: For each referral you send our way that books and completes service with us, we will credit your account with a “referral,” to be redeemed on your next set of visits. Read more about this in our literature. One referral per set of visits.

You could call or text Affectionate Pet Sitters between 9am and 7pm CST/CDT daily to check on your pet during your absence. Since we were often out of the office caring for your pets, we asked that you leave a message and your text, email or call to be returned as soon as possible. We also texted or e-mailed or called you with an update daily or several times during your absence. We generally did not take calls when we are on a visit, however, as we were concentrating on a pet’s care. The exceptions: If you called while we are at your house or if we had called you and we were awaiting your call.

Although you will water your plants before you leave, we will check and water a few container plants (if requested, with detailed instructions). If watering plants exceeds 5 or so minutes, there will be an additional charge, as this is time taken away from your pet.

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